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development path

About us

development path

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One, since 1995, the FENGYA person relies on the remarkable wisdom and the unremitting pursue, makes another praise worthy progress, has created another myth.

2004   Two , at the beginning of 2004, the company officially in the Ningbo Yinzhou District and the nation building work, started business sea to hoist the sails the travel, the import and export volume amounts to 7,000,000 dollars.
2005-1   Three, in January, 2005, the company moves in the Ningbo Haishu Liu Tingjie front Asia building work, the import and export volume amounts to 14,000,000 dollars, has import and export proxy customer 30.
2006   four, in 2006 the company whole remanufacture completes, the department divides the work is clear, implements “one to one” the service in view of the customer, completes the import and export volume 20,000,000 dollars.
2007   five, in 2007, the company in “manages with steady steps, sustained development” under the management idea, all staff works with concerted efforts enables the import and export volume to amount to 27,000,000 dollars.
2008-6   six, in June, 2008, the company moves to the Ningbo train south station nearby the month lake Yinzuo building, has 1500 square meter independent office, the import and export volume amounts to 35,000,000 dollars.
2009   seven, in 2009 the company grows strong, has the import and export customer to achieve 250, the import and export volume amounts to 45,000,000 dollars.
2010   in 2010 the company performance grows largely, creates new high again, the import and export volume reaches as high as 90,000,000 dollars .
2010-2016   the top five enterprised for import and export in Ninghai County FROM 2010-2016 for 7 consecutive years.


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