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Import L/C Issuance

Service Detail
What is the import issuance financing?
Leveraging Fengya’s credit line at the bank, after the payment of a certain guarantee to Fengya, Client will be issued with an import L/C, so that Client’s request for using L/C settlement will be satisfied and its financial pressure will be eased. 
Other notes
1. Product advantages: 
①Client does not have to pay the guarantee in full amount, so that its financial pressure is eased. 
②Depending on the import experience over the past years, Fengya’s import and export professional team will provide customers with high-grade services, reducing the operating cost and efficiently controlling the commercial risk. 
③ Depending on the bargaining power and good cooperation between Fengya and bank, various fees will be substantially reduced, and the import documentary bills and other value-added services are available for those customers requesting deferred payment. 
2. Fees: 
①Use Fengya’s credit line granted by the bank free from any charge. 
② If the application for import documentary bills are requested, our documentary interest rate is more competitive than other peers. 3. Issuing period: Generally no longer than 3 months, but it can be negotiated where applicable. 
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