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Ningbo Amgee Logistics Co., Ltd. (Amgee Logistics), affiliated to Ningbo Fengya, has a complete global network of overseas agents, has designated agents in 188 ports of 126 countries, especially in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America, we have maintained partnership with agents for many years, which were once visited by us. Amgee Logistics can integrate the superior advantages at all points to provide its customers with more reassuring and convenient one-stop marine, air import-export shipment service.
Provide export multimodal transport and door-to-door service
The discharge port for export goods designated by some consignors is inaccessible by shipping companies or airlines, we may handle the procedure on its behalf and provide the related customs clearance service, on the contrary, EXW or FCA or other terms signed between some consignees and consignors are not covered by shipping companies or airlines, we may provide inland and customs declaration to suit the trade needs of our customers. 
Provide import multimodal transport and door-to-door service
We provide our customers in the shortest possible time with the most complete price and service by using the agency network in each point, integrating our import offer prices with partnered shipping companies, and integrating a variety of our import supervised warehouse.
Provide cargo collection, distribution and other logistics services
Our logistics companies and agents in all points are capable of customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, may provide the complete logistics services upon the customer request, ranging from door-to-door collection, LCL, inland lightering, marine shipment, devanning, customs clearance, to distribution. We provide our customers with allocating, warehousing and cargo collection by using our or any of partnered foreign agents own or long-term rented warehouses, thus presenting more economical and efficient logistic solutions. 
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