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Bonded Logistics

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Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Area is located in Meishan Island, Beilun District of Ningbo, known as the fifth bonded port area established with the approval of the State Council. The specific region connecting to the port operation area, where port operation, logistics and processing are integrated, is a dedicated region with port function supervised by the customs house, as well as a special region with the highest level of openness, the most preferential policy, and the most complete function in China. As of the end of 2011, 15 South Korea lines and 6 West Africa lines have been opened. 
Operational business models of the bonded warehouse
Import bonded warehousing
Export tax rebates, bonded carrying-forward
International transit, secondary LCL
International procurement, value-added processing
Foreign trade, transit trade
Ningbo Amgee Logistics Co., Ltd. (Amgee Logistics), affiliated to Ningbo Fengya, is one of the forwarders with the largest business volume and the most complete types of operation in Ningbo bonded logistics industry, especially proficient in simple processing of various international distributions, with a terrific customer reputation. 
We adhere to the principle of dedication to customer service and maximize the benefits at the lowest cost. 
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