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Advance Payment of Tax Rebates

Advance Payment of Tax Rebates

Service Detail
Fengya will handle tax rebates subject to the applicable regulation on behalf of you, render tax rebates service, you can readily get tax rates within three business days if the documents are complete. 
Q:  If I export goods through Fengya, what conditions should I satisfy to apply for the advance payment of tax rebates? 
A:  ①At the time of customs declaration, the name of exporter and operating unit should be Fengya.
②Provide the export declaration and the e-port has the customs clearance information with respect to these cargos. 
③The bank settlement corresponding to these cargos should be ready. 
④The VAT invoice should be verified to be true and correct. 
⑤The purchase and sales contract, the duplicate of original B/L or the duplicate of telex release B/L should be collected in full set. 
⑥Trading company should provide the input tax issued from the last unit, but not included in the Tax Bureau’s letter. 
Q:  If I intend to apply for the advance payment of tax rebates, when does you issue VAT invoice?
A:  To apply for the advance payment of tax rebates, you need to issue the VAT invoice to us within 90 days after the export customs clearance.
Q:  According to the general procedure of tax rebates (without a need of advancing the tax rebates), how long does it take to get tax rebates? And what about the export service fee?
A:  By the Tax Bureau’s general procedure of tax rebates, it usually take 2-3 months before the tax rebates have been transferred. 
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