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Export Service Details

Export Service Details

Service Detail
Introduction: Fengya’s agent import and export products involve an extensive range from electrical appliances, handicrafts, stationery, textiles, daily necessities, auto parts, machinery, medical equipment, metals, furniture, sanitary ware, to wastes. Our export team has a rich experience of products, help our customers avoid detours, and save their time and money. We have collaborated with several banking institutions to help you complete the international settlement of export proceeds, and immediately make exchange settlement upon the receipt of proceeds in a safe, real-time and fast way.
Basic services:
Export customs clearance 
Bank exchange settlement 
Advance payment of tax rebates
Entry conditions:
Domestic production-oriented factories, traders, individuals 
Enterprise is a general taxpayer, incorporated for more than half a year 
Export products must be permitted by the state law and regulation
Trading background should be true and accurate
Advance payment of tax rebates: According to the declared value for customs, collect 5 cents/US dollar as the export agent fee
Normal tax rebates: Exempt from export agent fee
Miscellaneous fees: Towing, customs declaration, logistics and other fees will be reimbursed for actual expenses
Cooperation process:
1. Sign an agreement 2. Customs declaration 3 Bank exchange settlement 4 Tax rebates
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